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The BaleSkiis® Baler Liner was developed to eliminate the problems associated with all sizes of square balers. It is the only significant improvement in the elimination of square baler problems since the square baler has been put into wide-spread use. While eliminating the problems of the baler, it also improves the function and cost effectiveness of the power source that runs the baler (tractor or engine). It improves the efficiency and use of the bale retrieving, transporting, and stacking equipment, by making a more uniform and compact bale. Because of the BaleSkiis® design it does so with no moving parts and, in fact, reduces wear on the baler and power source.

We developed the BaleSkiis® baler liner and used and tested it extensively in our own haying operation in a wide variety of forages and haying conditions. After having such good results with our own haying equipment, we decided to back up those results with official tests. It was tested by the Alberta Farm Machinery Research Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta under PAMI and their guidelines.

The results confirmed our tests and also showed that there is a bonus of 30% more leaf retention when using the BaleSkiis® Baler Liner. Leaves containing more nutrition and protein are a BIG plus. With more of them retained, the more valuable the hay is with added protein and pounds per acre.


Make Uniform Bales in Weight, Length & Density

Reduce Wear

Reduce Wear, Breakdowns & Down Time

Self Adjusts

Self-Adjusts to temperature and moisture

Reduce Leaf Loss

Reduce Leaf Loss by 30%

High Quality Bales

Produce a High-Quality Uniform Bale whether You’re Baling Alfalfa, Corn Stalks, Baleage or any other Forage.

Keeps Hay Compressed

One Way Anti-Springback pattern that keeps Hay Compressed.

Happy Farmer

Hassle Free Guarantee!

Makes your haying operation more enjoyable AND profitable
Prevents leaf loss and improves the nutritional value of your bales.
Improves production and increases profits
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  • "Pleased beyond expectations. Would recommend to anyone. Excellent quality product and quality service. Gained considerably on protein and gained 100 lbs. on our bales. Tractor and baler runs much easier."
    Paul McKie North
    August, SC
  • "No more banana bales! Machinery works easier and smoother. We ship bales in enclosed vans. We used to cut and re-tie 30 to 40 bales per load to make them fit, now we don't cut any. If I had a hundred balers, they would all have BaleSkiis liners."
    Dave Etzel
    Turner, OR
  • "Moisture is high in our rye straw and we had a problem with chaff building up. Would have to cut strings and dig stuff out. The liner has eliminated those problems. Now there's no buildup with the rye straw. It keeps the hay from getting back on the hay dogs and we don't run into problems with tying anymore. all that's been eliminated. Now we've got BaleSkiis in all 6 of our balers. We gave your information to our local dealer so people would stop calling us!"
    Randy Eldred
    Auburn, NY
  • "I like the uniformity of the bales and haying goes much faster. Even in very dry hay, I get good bales with 22% protein and 182 RFV."
    Karl Yoder
    Blanchard, MI