Tests and Testimonials

Before we began marketing and selling the BaleSkiis® Baler Liner, we thought it was important to have the product tested by a 3rd party. Click here to read test results from the Alberta Farm Machinery Research Centre.

Since we started selling the BaleSkiis® Baler Liners, we've received so many comments and compliments that it's worth sharing them. Besides, who do you usually believe, the person selling the product, or someone whose already bought and tried it!? Click here to read some of the great feedback we've received over the last 15 years.

If you'd like to talk to someone in your area that's already tried the BaleSkiis® Baler Liners, contact us and we'll hook you up with someone nearby. Call or email us at 866-889-3846 or baleskiis@LDAGmachinery.com.